Reporters & Liaisons


 R# Title Reporter Start End Product
R3-23 Lighting Control and Energy Efficiency P. Dehoff 2004 2009 ToR for new TC
R3-24 Overhead Glare T. Mc Gowan 2004 2010 Closed
R3-26 Climate Based Daylight Analysis J. Mardaljevic 2005 2008 Report
R3-28 The Lighting Requirements for Night-Shift Workers M. Knoop 2007 2009  Report
R3-29 Variable Transmission Glazing (VTG): Current Trends and Future Prospects for Uptake by the Building Sector J. Mardaljevic 2011 200?  
R3-30 Daylight Systems Metrics - Evaluation of Daylight Systems and Products M. Fontoynont 2012 2014


R3-31 Available Dalight Metrics J. Mardaljevic 2014  




Organisation/Subject Liaison Officer
CEN TC169 L. Bedocs
ISO/TC159/SC4 - Ergonomics of Human-System Interactions L. Bedocs
ISO/TC159/SC5 - Ergonomics of the Physical Environment L. Bedocs
ISO/TC163/SC2 - Thermal performance and energy use in the built environment / Calculation Methods (Daylight) Y. Uetani
IESNA J. Selander
International Dark Sky Association T.K. McGowan

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